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Birthdate:Mar 18

Being born with a split is never easy, it also sucks if the split manages to burt through and become the main personality. Now add killing you at 25 and secretly working to kill off humans completely before moving on and attempting to either make Tobi join him or kill him and you've got Crowl.

Being the human version of darkness he's everything you fear and more. He controls shadows, and the darker splits in the area in which are waiting for him to return and bring the child king's head on a plate.

When he became the main personality he attempted to act as innocent as possible so he wouldn't cause suspicion on himself and at the age of 25 he told them he wanted to get rid of his split, thus killing off the human version who was dorment. He worked hard to become trusted within the giant city in which he was born into and started to kill people off slowly one by one and blaming the splits for the murders.

Once the word that Devin had been taken in by splits in the wilderness Crowl was given the opertunity to rule the kingdom considering he was the brightest and thus was the most eligable. At only 28 he was ruling all of human civilization and thus he began his true work. He started claiming others within the kingdom were splits and would kill them off and start wars with one another, he caused as much chaos as he could within the walls of his domain.
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